Non-Fungible Tulips


400 years later and Tulipmania is back, but this time, it’s on the blockchain.

NFTulips is a Tulipmania-inspired digital art collectible catalog created by a team of digital artists and history buffs. The collection contains 3,000 unique digital NFTulips and is brought to you by Novascape.

Several NFTulips pay homage to seminal historical events as well as other “Easter eggs” covering mathematics, astrology, and pop culture references to mention a few.

Non-Fungible Tulips
Unique species including the iconic Semper Augustus

Tulipmania reincarnated but this time, on the blockchain

As there will only ever be 3,000 non-fungible tulips, each “NFTulip” is rare but indeed, some are rarer than others. Even the cards that do not fall into the uber-rare category still have implicit and explicit traits that roll-up to another layer of rarity in the final accounting. As the NFT drop proceeds, these traits will become apparent to collectors and other community members alike.

In terms of fairness, we created all 3,000 NFTulips in numerical order from #1 to #3000. However, the drops will not proceed in that order as the team utilized a randomizer to reshuffle the order of the digital cards before minting on the OpenSea platform.

The NFTulips drop will proceed across eight epochs with a varying number of non-fungible tulips available for sale. The cards in the first epoch will be free with the final epoch costing 100 ETH per NFTulip.

For a detailed explanation of the fair distribution mechanism, please head check our overview page.

We invite you to be part of the NFTulips drop. It’s almost springtime and the NFTulips are going to be in bloom. 

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